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Biden Campaign Seeks Meme Manager: The Growing Impact of Social Media in Elections

President Joe Biden’s 2024 re-election campaign is taking an innovative approach to voter engagement by hiring a Meme Manager. This unique role highlights the increasing importance of social media in political campaigns. In this article, we'll explore what this new position entails and how it reflects the broader impact of digital content on elections.

Biden Meme Manager Job Post Graphic

The New Role: Meme Manager

The Biden campaign's job listing for a "Partner Manager, Content and Meme Pages" is designed to engage with popular meme pages and digital content creators. The position, based in Wilmington, Delaware, offers a salary of up to $85,000 annually. Responsibilities include building relationships with digital media companies, podcasters, and meme pages, as well as managing engagement opportunities from start to finish​ as Blockonomi) reports.

This role is part of a strategy to leverage the viral potential of memes to reach younger voters on platforms like TikTok and Instagram. The campaign previously utilized memes such as "Dark Brandon" to portray Biden as tech-savvy and relatable​​.

Social Media’s Role in Modern Elections

Reaching Younger Voters

Social media platforms are crucial for connecting with younger demographics who prefer digital content over traditional media. By hiring a meme manager, Biden's campaign aims to engage with younger voters in their preferred online spaces​.

Creating Relatable Content

Memes can make political figures appear more approachable and relatable. For instance, the "Dark Brandon" meme, which humorously depicts Biden with laser eyes, has helped present the president as both powerful and in touch with internet culture. Such content fosters a sense of connection that traditional political messaging often lacks​.

Shaping Online Discourse

Political campaigns understand the importance of being part of online conversations. Memes and viral content can quickly spread across social media, reaching millions. By engaging with meme pages and digital content creators, campaigns can influence these conversations and shape public perception​ as Beanstalk also reports​.

Fundraising and Merchandise

The Biden campaign has also capitalized on the merchandising potential of memes. For example, "Dark Brandon" merchandise has been popular among supporters, driving both engagement and fundraising efforts​ (Blockonomi)​.

Comparing Strategies

Biden’s campaign strategy is not unique as also reported on Soneverse. Former President Donald Trump’s campaign has also utilized memes and viral moments effectively. Following Trump's indictment in Georgia, his campaign released merchandise featuring his mugshot, turning a viral image into a rallying point for his base​ (Blockonomi)​.

Conclusion on Biden Hiring a Meme Manager

The hiring of a meme manager by Biden's campaign underscores the evolving role of social media in political elections. Digital content strategies are now essential for modern campaigning, particularly in engaging younger voters, shaping public discourse, and driving engagement. As social media continues to evolve, its impact on political campaigns will only grow, making roles like meme managers increasingly important.

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