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Second Week of March AI Updates

This past week has been phenomenal in terms of AI progress, new tools have been discovered, older tools have been upgraded and the biggest update of all? Chat GPT CEO announced the launch of Chat GPT 4. In this article I will provide you with the 20 best AI tools that have been launched just this past week alone. Let's get to it: 1. Browse Al: Lets you scrape any website within 2 minutes.

2. Hypotenuse Al: Create unique copywriting and visual content using Al.

3. There's an Al for That: An inventory to find new Al tools for any task.

4. Durable Al Website Builder: Make amazing websites in 30 seconds from scratch.

5. Delv Al: Helps you learn faster by retrieving summarised data from any text file.

6. Rephrase Al: Use it to convert your boring text into highly engaging videos in minutes.

7. Al Picasso: Lets you create amazing artwork using Al.

8. Longshot Al: Writing assistant for accurate and optimised content writing.

9. Murf Al: Make studio quality voice overs from input text in seconds.

10. Markopolo Al: Helps you do digital advertising on autopilot.

11. Al Image Enlarger: Enlarge and upscale your images without losing quality.

12. Publer: Tool to create, schedule or analyse all social posts on one platform.

13. Hints Al: Digital organiser to manage and organise your day-to-day activities.

14. Sidekick Al: Helps you to schedule your meetings.

15. Remove.b: Remove background from any image using Al.

16. Magical Al: Helps you automate repetitive tasks and saves hours per day.

17. Figma Al: Designing tool that helps you create websites, applications, logos and much more.

18. D-ID: An Al tool to create digital avatars giving you an immense human-like conversational experience.

19. Alan Al: Helps you add an Al voice assistant to your applications.

20. questAl: Lets you build web applications faster.


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